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Week 11 – The Hero’s Journey – The Road to Success



This has been an awesome week.  The time constraints of the holiday week have lifted.  I seem to be “on top of things.”  I don’t look at my email, or Facebook, or Twitter until I’ve done my morning rituals: Pray, read Scroll III, read my Blueprint Builder, my Definite Major Purpose, my promises, my service card, my movie card, and make my affirmations – most 25 times each, (Do it now, I can be what I will to be, I can do this, I am a talented writer, and I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.) I then read the assigned lesson in Charles Haanel’s The Masterkey System.  I meditate for 15 – 20 minutes, and then I do my Qi Gong exercises.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong

When the above tasks are done, I write for several hours focusing on the promises I’ve made to myself in my Plan of Action.  By this time, it might be near 11 A.M. and I will then open my email and focus on my social media commitments.  I love keeping busy.

I also love connecting Haanel to Mandino.  Haanel writes, “…the thought which we entertain brings to us certain friendships…and these in turn bring about conditions and environment, which in turn are responsible for the conditions of which we complain.”  Mandino says it a bit differently.  He writes in Scroll III, “I will hear not those who weep and complain for their disease is contagious.”  Both of these quotes mean to me simply, “Be careful who your friends are.”

On Wednesday, I highlighted an entire page of Haanel, (sentences 30 – 35).  What’s the point of highlighting if you’re going to highlight every word?

In Og Mandino’s Scroll III, we are focusing on persistence.  I will never give up.  Mandino writes, “Always I will take another step.  If that is of no avail, I will take another, and yet another.” There’s no doubt that I am on the road to success.

Road to Success

Road to Success


Virginia Perl

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  1. Awesome, sounds like you are already succeeding!
    Jan Russ recently posted…New Theme: Twenty SixteenMy Profile

  2. Beautiful Virginia! Isn’t this fascinating? ♥

  3. Short and to the point…love it!
    matt recently posted…Week 11-Masterkey…4 Keys To SuccessMy Profile

  4. What an awesome schedule you have built for your journey!

  5. Great blog post, well done. Never give up my friend, and if despair ever hits, just keep on a rollin.

  6. I love the persistence, Virginia! Your focus is critical to achieving your DMP, and you appear to be mastering it. Awesome!
    Marea Adejuwon recently posted…My Master Key ExperienceMy Profile

  7. Love this post… point on the road to success.


  8. Way to go on keeping your commitments!

  9. You’re embracing your tasks to your Bliss!

  10. I love your routine Virginia. I believe routine is important for Subby! Blessings.

  11. Wow!. MNo wonder you are the featured blog this week. Great job. I have been doing my reads aloud at night as part of the sacred hour. I like your approach, too. So now I will start and end the day with the readings (twice can’t hurt, right?) Keep on keeping on.

  12. Great job! Love your discipline and commitment to your blueprint.

  13. Love to read your energy here Virginia, great connections and no contagions here:)

  14. MNo = No typed with fat fingers.
    Richard Barton recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  15. bravo! 🙂
    gonna follow your example concerning the social media 🙂

  16. Really love your insights – and the work you are doing.

  17. Wonderful post. You are a example to us all.
    Lallah Rowe recently posted…MKMMA Week 11My Profile

  18. Very up beat…I love that feeling I get from reading your blog – thank you Virginia!

  19. great post Virginia. Love your blog!

  20. This us wonderful, thank you for sharing!

  21. Great Blog. love the connecting of Haanel and Mandino.

  22. Awesome post. You have instilled some excellent habits that are setting you up for success. Great job!!!

  23. Great job on journalling your progress! You’re an inspiration to all of us. I appreciate you!

  24. The highway to success! Beautiful!

  25. love that you have a full control of your thoughts!!! great example, its so encouraging… thank you for sharing

  26. Desire, Discipline, Persistence and love of your activities. Awesome!
    Love your blog posts Virginia Keep up the great work.

  27. I keep hearing, ‘nothing will retard my new life’s growth,” from scroll 1 and feel persistence is definitely one of the big keys to this new world. Loved the blog.

  28. Awesome ritual. I love it. Thanks for sharing

  29. You’re blossoming just like those beautiful flowers! Shine On!

  30. Awesome blog. You are succeeding with grace.

  31. Way to go Virginia!

  32. Beautiful! Keep up the great work what a great insight from Og and this weeks Master Keys. Thank you.

  33. This is really good Virginia. I love the reminder of doing what’s important first, then the other stuff. Thank you!

  34. That was wonderful. I love how you have committed to yourself by doing everything before you do anything else. Thank you for sharing!

  35. You are on top of it! Routine=success! Do it now!!! Living it.

  36. Great post Virginia. You are definitely on the road to success. Fabulous.
    Sandra Owen recently posted…MK Week 11 – I love youMy Profile

  37. Virginia, great example of what a POA looks like in real life (including social media commitments to engage). Thanks so much for sharing your experience and what works for you.

  38. Wonderful blog. Love how you connected everything together.

  39. I’m inspired by how you have so fully embraced the habits. Great job!

  40. Great blog. Love the way you brought both of them together. You are really using induction with bringing 2 separate parts finding the commonality. Great job.
    You are doing the work that most people along with me in the course (Think & Grow Rich), are not willing to do. You will reap the rewards just hang in there. That is why I am giving MKMMA my very best and grateful and honored to be on this incredible and luminous path of inner self realization my friend.
    Many blessings and ma-halo. See you in Kauai

  41. Wow this is great! Congratulations on all these wonderful habits you’re forming!

  42. Wonderful blog Virginia, You are Greatness!

  43. Hello Virginia, You have very nice post and I really like it.

  44. You are awesome Virgina!!! Thanks for your powerful inspiration and a good model!!!
    Nisa King recently posted…Healthy Living ProgramMy Profile

  45. Virginia. AMEN! I love your skill at putting words together. I see the picture of what you are doing, feel the emotions as you are doing it. Very few writers can do that for me. Awesome. Keep up the great work. Obviously you are on the road to success and the journey is something we will all celebrate with you.
    master-key-jay-z recently posted…Week 11- Master Key 2015 – DareMy Profile

  46. Hi Virginia. You have a great check list and get it come first. Your are changing your world within…!
    Robert Gardner recently posted…MKMMA Week 11 The 7 Laws Of The MindMy Profile

  47. I can see you have your OATS together! Great post!

  48. Virginia, you are awesome. Your example inspires me to be more disciplined with things that are lower priority and doing first things first. Way to go…lead by example live by your compass.

  49. Hey Virginia, I love these type of exercises. I do one called SloFlo, Its like Tai Chi. BeBlessed – Darren
    Darren Neilson recently posted…Week 11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped forMy Profile

  50. Wonderful post Virginia.
    Thank you for posting each step. Some of us, like me, need lists and specific #1, #2, #3 type instructions in order to figure it out. I am going to do your morning routine at my job first thing while everyone else is caught up in their own early morning chaos. I’m pretty sure my plan is workable & I’m gonna go for it. I will make it workable. It’s come to the point where I have to take care of me first. Thank you for letting me see this.

  51. I can see why Mark & Davene featured your blog. You put everything together so well. I enjoy your writing and can’t wait to read the book you’re writing.

  52. Love what your doing. I could take leaf out of your book. Sounds like you’re well on top of it all. I applaud you.

  53. Thank you for your blog Virginia. Just what I needed.

  54. Virginia,
    I took notes. Thank you for the example, I appreciate that you put pray first. Sometimes I’m in such a rush in the mornings it difficult to even read the Scrolls, but due to your inspiration I now shall emulate this routine by setting my clock earlier, start my day the right way, then get into those minor subjects of social medias.
    Thank so very much!

  55. Excellent blog Virginia! I enjoyed reading your insights.

  56. Virginia…Sweet and Simple! And very to the point…Staying on the Road to Success with Persistence!
    You’ve got this nailed!

  57. Very interesting I never saw the connecting between the two.
    Love it.

  58. Awesome practical advice and thanks for sharing

  59. Thanks Virginia, what a great routine, you have given me something to aim at. For some reason order & movement comes into my mind. You certainly have order and your moving towards your dream. Well done! 🙂

  60. Virginia, Thank you for your thoughts as to how you fit everything into your day. What a great way to start your day.

  61. I did tweet your blog, but just listening to Davene so would like to put it on record that I loved your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  62. I loved your post but when I went yesterday there wasn’t a place to comment. Your are a shining star.

  63. Love the blog Virginia, there is NO doubt that you are on to the road to success
    Vince Hughes recently posted…Master Key Week 11 Staying the courseMy Profile

  64. I loved to hear the Tony Bennett story on DC tonight. Love your ideas this week. Thank you for your light!
    MasterKeyNatalieZ recently posted…Week 11- Master Key 2015 – DareMy Profile

  65. Thanks for your insights, Virginia! Love reading your blog!

  66. Hey Virginia loved your blog. I hope to write like you one day. It really lifted me and made my day. Love how you found and linked Og and Charles. Be amazing.

  67. Thanks Virginia for sharing your morning ritual, really inspiring.

  68. Great post! I love that your blog is so easy to follow as the perfect example of how this needs to be done. I love your morning list!

  69. Good for you Virginia. Way to go on following your dreams and taking the action to you need to get there!

  70. Glad you are on top of things. Good Blog.

  71. Thanks Virginia, this is an awesome blog and I really enjoyed it.

  72. Virginia! LOVE the highlighting realization – my first time through I had to switch to three colors of highlighter!

    There is so much to learn! Thank you so much for the reminder to Do It Now!

  73. Virginia, You ARE a talented writer! The connection between Haanel and Mandino was just outstanding, Personally I don’t highlight so I agree with you. If you highlight everything ….. what’s the point. I try to summarize in my own words. It helps with my understanding. Kudos to you for a marvelous piece. To coin a phrase…..I’ll be back.


  74. Very inspiring! Will do as you are doing tomorrow and not look at email until I have done my most important work! thank you

  75. Beautiful, Virginia. You are doing this perfectly.

  76. Thank you for sharing your insight. What a great blog!

  77. I love your blog. It looks great and you have some great information.

  78. Aloha Virginia Thank you for sharing your blog this week11
    LOVE how you are totally LIVING the #MasterKeyExperience
    EnJoy your Journey 🙂

  79. Thank you for your transparency. Speaking from your heart, as you did, touches more than you know.
    Chuck recently posted…Week-12: Beliefs, Paradigms & SuccessMy Profile

  80. Sorry it took me so long to get here. For some reason I couldn’t get your blog up – then out all day – so went to the blog roll to bring it up – great job!

  81. Virginia great post, SO ORGANIZED I love it. You’re rocking it.

  82. Great message Virginia! I think I like scroll three the most so far. Sounds like your doing awesome at your daily master key materials. It’s not easy to refrain from opinion, but your dedication is going to make your journey amazing!

  83. Nice to meet you Virginia! You are definitely on top of things.

  84. Lovely page you have Virginia.

    Qi Gong-yes I’ve done this before. Intense for me at that time in my life.

    Tom Tam’s Pi Gu
    “A Lazy Bum’s Dream Diet”

    Very relaxing as well.

    Thank you for reminding me.
    Thanks to Davene for sharing

  85. The best routine to follow! Keep up the great work! You’re a great example to many of us!

  86. Well I never made out with Tony Bennett, nor until now, known someone who has. Oh the stories… I love the candidness in your blogs. I would really like to know when you release your writings, as a book.

    You are whole, prefect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy. That is obvious in your blogs.

    Thanks for allowing the opportunity to read.

  87. Virginia, I love your discipline, prioritizing your day and commitment to your new mental blueprint. Your transparency is refreshing and you’re not alone in highlighting an entire page!

  88. Lovely. Your morning routine is life – giving!
    Marj Bernstrom recently posted…New hosted blog siteMy Profile

  89. Beautifully written HAHA Like I should be the judge when your the expert But I enjoyed your blog. Thanks so much for sharing

  90. You certainly pack a lot of good things into your day, Thank you for sharing.

  91. To the point, with direction and a daily how to start your day and then proceed. Beautiful and most of all, has reset my compass for starting and proceeding in harmony with each new day. Fantastic! Sending Love, a Big hug and a Huge Thank you Pearl!

  92. This road to Success is full of us! And it’s great to meet another Like-minded Spirit while traveling, it doesn’t matter how old we are.
    We can hang out together and be friends.
    Thank you for Sharing your day!
    It helped me Sooo Much 🙂


  93. Nice job Virginia! I have highlighted entire pages as well! 🙂 I enjoyed reading your blog!

  94. Yes indeed, you are such a talented writer and no doubt enriching lives, inspiring so many with your valuable experiences. Love your blog, and being in rhythm with you in a shared commitment to begin the day harmoniously and happy!

  95. Great entry, Virginia! What a powerful habit you have built. And we all know from Og, “Good habits are the key to all success.” Here’s to your success! ~Cheers!

  96. Virginia – you are living the dream! The way you start your day is such inspiration to me! I strive to attain such a morning! <3 Reading your blog was such a delight! Thank you!

  97. Wow! I admire your faithfulness to the exercises! Keep it up!

  98. You’re on your way, Virginia! Yeah!

  99. Beautiful site! I enjoyed your post very much.

  100. Having a plan that works is great… staying consistent with follow through is Fantastic! Keep seeking the truth as in lesson 11 (23-25) continue to make the connections as they present the truth in new and different terms.

  101. s
    What an inspiring read. Thank you for your wonderful insights,

  102. What an inspiring read. Thank you for your wonderful insights,

  103. You are such an Inspiration, Virginia! I love your schedule. I can ‘aspire’ to be as “On It” as you are! Sounds to me like you’ve “Got this”!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  104. Wow, Virginia – You’re an INSPIRING fellow student! Bravo on having your “act” SO together — Thanks for your great insights and sharing of your daily, disciplined activities!

  105. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  106. Energetic, beautiful blog! You are a true hero!

  107. Beautiful blog and amazing achievements! Well done 🙂

  108. Exciting road trip, huh? Thank you!

  109. Thank you for the suggestions of time management in the AM for this course. Very helpful. I am almost there, but you helped with putting in the sit early day, which I think is better than any other time. BArbara

  110. YES! I am seeing such a turn around from last year!! I had a bah hum bug attitude. NOT this year! Great entry! Loved it! Enjoy your holidays!! xo Alicia

  111. great job You are an awesome writer!! 😉

  112. You are a perl wisdom!! Thank you for such a succinct picture of what we are learning!!!
    Jeanne Dow recently posted…Week 11 – Master Key Experience — Slay the DragonMy Profile

  113. look at all these beautiful and wonderful comments!!
    Virginia I am still trying to find the best way to organize my days, so that they run smooth and efficient. Maybe one day, the hullabaloo over here with my girls is always good fun, lol

  114. Talk about organized and committed. Well done Virginia. You have these four powerful habits down pat.

  115. Wow girl you definitely got it going on! So proud to be in the same class as you.
    If you are interested in being a mastermind partner with me please let me know. It would be a an honor.

  116. WOW! Virginia your blog is awesome! The disipline and routine are out of this world. I know that some of us are not blessed with the same time element as yours but it sure gives me insight of “stuff” I can block out of my life to concentrate MKE. thank you again for opening my eyes to a better routine.

  117. Good for you, Virginia! Your persistence is impressive!

  118. Hi Virginia: Very inspiring! One of my challenges is organization and reading your blog gives a beautiful example of your organization and dedication! Thank you!

  119. Hi Virginia,

    I loved your blog. Comparing Haanel and Og is great. I’ve done the same thing myself. What you have written is a great reminder to all of us in the Master Keys and you are a wonderful example of someone on the road to success. Qi Gong! I used to do that quite awhile ago when I lived in Edmonton, Alberta. I enjoyed it. Way to go! Enjoy your journey! Sending Love!

  120. Look at you GO GIRL!!!! You are on the path and NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS…You Got that right!!!!

    P.S. I am also an Author and Speaker. Words of Advice that were given to me before I wrote my story ‘The Recipe For Happiness’…BLEED ON THE PAGE

  121. I love your daily morning ritual of affirmations and readings. This is so important to do and create the “habit”. Great message.

  122. wonderful sweet and gentle. I love your love!

  123. I adore how you’ve pulled it all together into a mini-POA any of us could use. Thanks so much, Virginia. It’s awesome being on this ride with you. What an inspiration you are!

  124. Virginia, I am right there with you! My college friends teased me that my textbooks were always heavier after I had finished highlighting them. Congratulations on creating a lovely atmosphere for the construction of your new blueprint.

  125. Thank you Virgina, I am now doing my meditation in the morning instead of the afternoon.

  126. Awesome blog Virginia I like how you relate og & hannel. I also like that you have found your rythem and are sticking to it….great job

  127. With the #MKE leadership, tools, and all the folks in the Alliance walking right along beside you, Virginia, on your journey — combined with your tenacity, talent, and organizational wizardry — you must feel like your are already there. I love your blog site! I love your post! And, Virginia, I love you!!!

  128. I love it, you are apply knowledge as it does not apply itself!! Your My Hero!

  129. Virginia, thank you so much for sharing this! You seem to have found a really great groove and I applaud you! This is the groove I’m searching for myself!
    Thanks for being in harmony, and your website looks FANTASTIC btw!

  130. Brilliant!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! So clear and concise! Helps out in orchestrating my morning for me. Thanks Virginia.

  131. What a great job Virginia ! You are a full time excellent student ! I have to learn from you. Peace, Love and Gratitude.

  132. Virginia, a wonderful way to start out the day!!! I can vision the compounding effect taking place from others reading and sharing your blog! Enjoy your journey, Carol

  133. You have a great routine. A wonder beginning to each day. Thanks for sharing.

  134. Virginia, I agree with your persistence review. I also believe and agree with you that highlighting whatever you feel benefits you and for me especially as an easy review when rereading. Any amount of highlighting is ok. I have highlighted in various colors at times as well. I commend you on your morning persistence.

    • Thank you, Patti! Maybe we should call it Masterkeys. There are the laws of the mind. Then there is love, persistence, and good habits. These are all master keys! I am so loving this ride:)

  135. Dear Virginia, thank you for your post. I like your schedule it is quite disciplined, I think I will take a page from that!

  136. Maybe I should start reading your blog every morning. What an inspiration to us all.

  137. Success is already yours. Thank you for inspiring me to become more persistent.

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