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Week 21 – The Hero’s Journey – I Am Free


The Master Key

          The Master Key

Haanel writes, “The real secret of power is consciousness of power.”  So all week, I’ve been practicing mindfulness and consciousness of the power within me.  I have been practicing visualization, and working on developing the very best mental attitude so I can be as close as possible to my source, the live wire that gives out sufficient power to manifest my dreams.

I loved Haanel’s suggestion to build into my desire the traits I will need for that manifestation.  For me, those traits are determination, confidence, skill, and courage.   At one time in my life, a long time ago, I lost confidence.  It’s coming back now that I am taking the MKMMA journey.

It’s amazing to me that I can now dare to believe in my own idea.

I was thinking about using our defects of character as tools.  I remembered a dark period in my life where I was frozen with fear.  I was walking from room to room in my home, not knowing what to do next, not knowing when the axe would fall, but it was falling for sure.  I spent my days in tears with balled up pieces of Kleenix in my fists.

My daughter said to me, “Mom, you have choices.”

I guess I needed to go through the fear, to see the power on the other side.  Once I made a decision, the power started to arrive and set me off in a new direction in my life.  I was free.

           I Am Free

        I Am Free

Looking back, I am amazed at how far I’ve come.  Today, I have found my purpose and am working passionately towards its manifestation.

Yes, I am free!



Virginia Perl

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  1. “Choices” You have made a great choice and will benefit the lives of many children. Your “all in” presence in your posts uplifts me. You are a miracle and a magnificent one at that. Sending another big hug and kiss on the cheek to you!
    Dave Bernstrom recently posted…Week 21 – Miracles – a baseball and God – an R2A2My Profile

    • Thank you, Dave. You always make me feel empowered. I’m the type that periodically falters and gets pelted with self-doubt. Then you come along and your words set me back on the path again. I’m grateful for that angel in you.

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