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Week 26 – The Hero’s Journey –The Law of Practice


There are so many things to remember to do if I’m going to truly practice the Master Key System daily.  And the important thing about the law of practice is that you must do it every day if you want results.  I want results.  I want my dreams to come true.  I am willing to do the work – mental and physical – in order to succeed.

After 26 weeks, I’ve come to do most of these exercises automatically, but just in case, I’ve made a checklist so I won’t forget.

It's good to check things off the list.

It’s good to check things off the list.

First thing in the morning, I grab my coffee, and my checklist, and go through drill that Mark has instilled in all of us eager students.

  • Pray, (Optional, and not on Mark’s to-do list, but I choose to have it on my list)
  • Read 1 chapter of The Greatest Salesman in the World 3 times a day
  • Read my hand-written Definite Major Purpose 3 times a day
  • Read the movie trailer version of my DMP, (with Plan of Action to further it), 3 times a day
  • Do my affirmations, (6 of them 25 times)
  • Read Haanel’s The Masterkey System – 1 chapter
  • Meditate for 20 minutes
  • Do my qigong exercises

I won’t bore you with the rest, but I will tell you that I have more than 30 to-dos on the list.  There are, of course, other things I must remember to do, mentally, like keeping my mental house clean by avoiding negative thinking, especially worry, anger, and fear.  I cannot be receptive to the wisdom of the Universal Power within me, if there is any negativity in me.  I must keep my mental doorways open so Infinite Life continues to flow through me.

I read the Blueprint Builder each morning, “I demand of myself persistent continuous action towards its attainment, (my DMP).”  So I keep going, like the Eveready Bunny, all day long focusing on the next right thing which will get me closer to my goals.

I know I have the tools to make, or unmake, me.  And I am ever vigilant that I stay on the right path.



Virginia Perl

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  1. Persistence! Another powerful post Virginia! This morning I woke up at 4am excited for what the day holds, including chapter 14 and remembering I had not yet responded to your comment. I’m amazed by how going through the chapters one a day adds even more strength to the new blueprint! You are so right, doing the exercises is now a habit that gets me up early, even though today was a bit too early… lol… It’s okay a nap may be on the list today 🙂 Keep on trucking my dear V!
    Dave Bernstrom recently posted…Week 24 – Truth and OrchidsMy Profile

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