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Week 28 – The Hero’s Journey – Path of Least Resistance


The Master Key

          The Master Key

I have been quite busy the past weeks trying to salvage what I could of my four-hundred page manuscript, after my computer was attacked by a number of nasty malware.  The Geek Squad said the computer needed a complete system recovery, which I felt fine doing because I thought all of my files were safe on a cloud.  Wrong!  After cleaning my computer, I found that the cloud had not saved major parts of the manuscript.  Luckily I had just printed out the manuscript a week before the malware attack.  So now I am typing the entire four-hundred pages into a new document.  I don’t type very fast – probably around 30 words a minute – so this is taking FOREVER.

Got to Get the Book Done

          Got to Get the Book Done

But guess what?  I am revising as I type, and I have not had one negative thought beyond, “Oh what a bummer.  Well, let’s get on with the task of making it right.”  Acceptance is the key here.  I have been practicing acceptance of things we cannot change for many years, and it really came in handy.

I have taken the path of least resistance:  Acceptance, Responsibility, and Defenslessness.  I am taking full responsibility for the malware.  I trusted someone who said they were from Microsoft, who actually was a malware hacker.  I won’t bore you with the whole story, but please be careful who you do business with.

I love the Master Key System.  Thank you Mark and Davene for teaching me the Path of Least Resistance.




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  1. How wonderful that the Universe supported you in refining your maste piece!! You are choosing the path of wisdom, which is deeply satisfying. The harvest is joy, and being fully alive!!

  2. Yes, I’m feeling fully alive, and so grateful for all of your encouragement & kind words. Big hugs!

  3. Oh, I empathize! I also have had computer issues, but not with quite as much at stake! A book! It is as it should be…Acceptance is calming, isn’t it?
    Sorry I have not been by lately- I do hope all is smoothing out for you!

  4. Finidng this post. It’s just a big piece of luck for me.

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