A Journal of Discovery

Week 1 – The Hero’s Journey – What Me Worry?


Today I begin a new life.

Today I toss away old and useless experience, and old tapes that no longer serve me.  I begin anew.  In the words of Alfred E. Neuman, “Most minds are like concrete…all mixed up and permanently set.”

I will chip away at that old concrete until I find the gold beneath its surface.  I am on a journey to discover the world within.  I will rebuild from the inside out.  To quote Og Mandino in The Greatest Salesman in the World, “To create the olive, king of all trees, a hundred years is required.  An onion plant is old in nine weeks.  I have lived as an onion plant.  It has not pleased me.”

I have made a commitment to adhere to the good habits suggested by the Master Key Master Mind Alliance which has gifted me with a six-month pay-it-forward scholarship.  This is week one.  After four days, I find myself greeting each morning with joy, looking forward to the readings, and doing the work required to build a new blueprint for living my life’s purpose.  Purpose; a big word.   In the oft-spouted words in 12-step programs, “It’s progress not perfection.”

I’ve made progress in my life, with lots of slips, but I’m near the top of that mountain today, in reach of knowing the glory on the other side.  I’m almost there, and I’m committed.

My fellow students and I are asked to sit perfectly still for 15 minutes each morning. Today, while sitting, I smiled like a happy Buddha.  It was involuntary, so I don’t consider it movement.  The smile arrived as a result of thought.


I was thinking about how scary it is to make this commitment.  I mean, what if I fail?  What’s the worst that could happen?  It was then that I realized 99.9% of all things we worry about never come to pass.  That’s when the smile arrived.

So, no fears my friends.  I am meeting this head on with courage and conviction.  More great words of Alfred E Neuman, “What me worry?”  Alfred E. Neuman

Virginia Perl

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  1. Excellent start. Keep up the great work.
    BeBlessed – Darren

  2. I am having such a hard time with sitting still, not accustomed to it. Best to you on this Journey Virginia/ cheers, Dre

    • Hi Diane, I can’t tell you how many times I want to scratch an itch while trying to sit perfectly still for 15 minutes, but I simply ignore it and the urge goes away. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I will visit your blog. ~V

  3. Wonderfully written first blog. I look forward to watching your journey.

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