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Week 13 – The Hero’s Journey – Dare to Dream


Dare to dream

I am a dreamer.  I have always had my head in the clouds.  “Earth to Mom!” my kids would say.  I am doing the six-month Master Key Mastermind Alliance program, not only to find my highest and best self, but also to learn how to harness the power within me that will help me manifest my dreams.  We begin by building a new blueprint for ourselves.

We replace bad habits with good habits.  If you think that’s easy, think again!  I liken it to attempting to driving a submarine across the Rocky Mountains.  But I’m on the other side of that process now.  Finally made it across that mountain.  It’s true.  I am, as Og Mandino says, the raindrop that washes away mountains.

Warning! Possible mountain dead ahead!

Warning! Possible mountain dead ahead!

We learn the power of thought.  I am learning to dream constructively.  No more idle thought for me.  This, of course is also difficult, but with persistent practice it’s becoming easier.

I have gone from living my life in a fog to waking up and being aware.  That comes from living in the now, and doing the next right thing.  I have about 30 items on my to-do list every day, and that doesn’t include brushing teeth, fixing beds, buying groceries, filling the car with gas, or cooking.  My to-do list items are squeezed onto a 3″ x 5″ index card.  It’s a rare day that I don’t get everything done, and I LOVE crossing them out when they are done.

Charles Haanel describes how the dreams of the dreamer come true, why our homes are on land that dreamers found and why, “…the pictures on its walls are visions from a dreamer’s soul.”  Dreamers, “…are the blazers of the way,” he writes.

Wow!  Fancy that!

I’m doing the Mastermind because I want results.  I want to be accountable to myself and learn how to harness the power, yes, that’s right, the power within me.  This is where I will get the strength, gather the commitment, and get the ideas necessary to manifest my dreams.

The more I learn, the more knowledgeable I become, and with knowledge comes power.

YAY!  I can do this.



Virginia Perl

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  1. Merry Christmas Virginia
    You are in the flow and you have the power <3 You totally got this xoxox

  2. How good it feels to read your words, Dre! Thank you!
    Virginia Perl recently posted…Week 13 – The Hero’s Journey – Dare to DreamMy Profile

  3. Wow, so true Virginia! Wow! a submarine over the rockies…..a truly great analogy…you are simply an inspiration 🙂 Thank you for your post on your daily routine. It has helped me tremendously to focus on my daily plan, I get my reads etc. done now and get to the main thing before touching social media!

  4. Nicely put, Happy Holidays to you Virginia.

  5. Very well said. Happy New Year!
    Jan Russ recently posted…New year, new blog? Start on the right foot.My Profile

  6. Your positive and determined spirit come through like a ray of sunshine! I am inspired! Thank you, Virginia.
    Marilyn Holloway recently posted…My Christmas Song For You — Week 13My Profile

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