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Week 14 – The Hero’s Journey – WILD, the movie


Hiking the Wild

          Hiking the Wild

I saw the movie, Wild, this week.  Wow!  Talk about commitment and stamina and holding true to your dreams, in spite of some heavy duty emotional issues.  It’s about a young woman who decides to hike a 1,000+ mile portion of the Pacific Crest Trail, alone.  It’s a true story of how Cheryl Strayed finds herself in an emotional turmoil after the death of her mother.  She turns her back on life as she knows it: gets a divorce, quits her job, and leaves.  She has no experience with the wild, or with backpacking.

She sets out on the trail with the purpose of reflecting on her past, hoping the end result sees her whole again.  Her plan of action was pretty much set in stone in the beginning days, mainly because of her ignorance of what lay ahead on the trail.  But she soon saw that her POA needed some adjustments, just like I needed to adjust my expectations and my DMP a month after getting started on my MKMMA trail.

Cheryl’s attitude was not always positive, but she did a good job of keeping it in check.  Each time she considered quitting, her persistence to go on always won out – in spite of bears, snakes, exhaustion, pain, and other obstacles.

Her Definite Major Purpose, (outwardly), was to reach the end of the trail.  More important, however, was her inner DMP which was to find inner peace.

She could not have survived in the wilderness without the help of the people she met along the way, the more experienced hikers, who repacked her backpack to make it lighter, who warned her of weather ahead, who taught her how to use an ice pick, and who were her greatest cheerleaders giving her support.  They were her Mastermind Alliance.

I’m thrilled to have a Mastermind Alliance!



Virginia Perl

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  1. I enjoyed reading your review of Wild. We watched cool runnings and october sky. After reading your review Virginia, we need to find Wild too! Great writing, thank you.
    Dave Bernstrom recently posted…We have moved!My Profile

  2. I’m inspired to get copies of all our assigned movies as I read people’s discussion of them.

    Your observation about her DMP remind me of something an acquaintance of mine posted on FB this week. She said it had been 869 days since she first began photographing the sunrise. That morning, she didn’t take a photo. She related that when she began, she’d recently left her marriage and she’d recently realized watching the sun come up each morning assured her that a serene reality existed. The day she reported this, she realized she no longer needed to do that, meaning, she’d finally made peace with that part of her journey.

    Sounds kind of like the Wild story.

  3. Virginia,
    Excellent insights. Loved how you related this to the MKMMA. Good Job! I am finding that the inner journey is by far a more challenging journey than any outer journey that I have ever taken! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Really enjoyed reading your review of the movie and linking to MKMMA. Thanks for sharing.
    Jan Russ recently posted…New year, new blog? Start on the right foot.My Profile

  5. Wonderful review Virginia and I enjoyed how you tied it all in to your Masterkey Journey!!

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