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Week 27 – The Hero’s Journey – Never Stop Believing


The Master Key

          The Master Key

As a writer, and as is probably true of every artist, I was always looking for shouts of, “Bravo,” for my work.  Sort of like the Mayor of New York City, Ed Koch used to always ask all of the reporters who waited for him to speak as he left his office, “How am I doing?” Yes, that was me, too, always needing that pat on the back.   But that was my old blueprint.  Fear of failure!  What if everyone laughs at me? I’ll be laughed out of literary circles.  What then?  I’d become so constricted with fear, that I’d have long bouts of writer’s block, so frozen, I couldn’t write.

My new blueprint reminds me that self-doubt is a killer of dreams.  I can easily slip back into that old blueprint if I’m not paying attention.  That’s why I faithfully read the Blueprint Builder out loud every morning.  I repeat to myself, “I will demand of myself the development of self confidence.”

I Can Be What I Will To Be

        I Can Be What I Will To Be

I learned in the Master Key System that I must have:

  1. The Knowledge of My Power
  2. The Courage to Dare
  3. The Faith to Do

I now have all of the above, and can now feel that brass carousel ring getting closer and closer with each day that passes.  That’s because I took this program seriously from the first day, and never stopped believing.  I’ve gained the knowledge necessary to access my power.  Power comes through repose.  It comes by putting myself into a relaxed state, then sitting in silence for 20 minutes.  I silently whisper to myself a mantra of, “I choose love.”  That’s when intuition arrives

My dreams are now unfolding right before my very eyes.

Fancy that!




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  1. Great post! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Thank you, Wes! I love The Master Key System! It works!
    Virginia Perl recently posted…Week 27 – The Hero’s Journey – Never Stop BelievingMy Profile

  3. Beautifully written, beautiful work and persistence dear Virginia! So true that it’s easy to see you have all three steps covered and growing with life! It’s also true that our higher selves continue to blossom as we now have good habits thanks to our trust in the MKE. The blueprint builder was the first affirmation I memorized and you are so right about the power in it. You are a blessing in my life dear Virginia! I look forward to us sharing a walk on the beach with you!
    Dave Bernstrom recently posted…Week 24 – Truth and OrchidsMy Profile

  4. Learning to construct what I want in positive terms has been most valuable. It takes some thought to determine what I really want and how I want to see it manifesting. The Blueprint Builder is key to helping with that.
    Jean recently posted…Week 28 – In the FlowMy Profile

  5. I love your blog and how complete it is utilizing all of the resources. Hope that I am able to move in that direction.

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